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Bioniks has broaden its operations for everyone and has organized their system accordingly. Now you all can be in touch with us by following your fields.


Currently we are utilizing the 3D printing technology to work in the following fields.

3d Printed Prosthetics

Bioniks is working with cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the field of prosthesis in Pakistan. The 3d printing technology has simplified the process of getting the best possible solution for your needs

  • Prosthetic for human amputees missing arms or hands
  • Prosthesis for animals



The residual limb of the patient is analysed to determine what type of solution will best fit their need. The limb is then marked and 3D scanned to start designing.

Prosthetic Prepared

The designed prosthetic is produced to using the designed model and put together by applying actuation techniques.

Delivering the Prosthetic

The 3d printed prosthetic is delivered to the customer and final adjustments are made.

Surgical Planning and Case Study Models

We have developed a system through which we take in patient's pre-surgical scans (bones or organs) and convert them into a tangible, physical model that surgeons can use to plan surgery. This provides a more intuitive way for sugeons to study complex cases that would have otherwise been difficult to analyse.

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We have divided our operations into four basic categories


Bioniks considers patients with amputations below the shoulders extending to missing fingers. Limbs are measured and prosthetics are printed to fit the limbs.

Through the help of Mechanics and Robotics, prosthetics are made to work. Throughout the whole procedure, Bioniks makes sure that the patients are at an ease and stands by with them till the ability is restored.

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Donating for Bioniks helps us to transform the lives of children living with disability. Your contribution to this endowed sponsorship can ensure that a child and his/her family will be supported in perpetuity.

You can deposit your donation in any branch of Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited.
Account Title:
Account Number: 0150 0271 4015 5616
IBAN: PK93 MPB2 0150 0271 4015 5616
Bank: Habib Metropolitan Bank LTD. University Road Branch


Bioniks welcomes collaborations just as it is already working with its collaborated partners in multiple fields and dimensions.

Bioniks has an aim to connect and interact with national and international organizations to create more solid grounds to stand on mutually. Whether you are a doctor, researcher or a marketer, you can always show your interest for collaboration and set your goals at the same page as Bioniks.
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Bioniks has multiple volunteer programs for local and abroad partners. No matter whether you are student, professional doctor, an artist or a teacher. You can offer your volunteer services and can be on board with bionics.

We believe, if you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, why not consider committing a few hours to community service and putting that extra shine on your resume. Who knows, you may learn an entirely new set of talents to bump you up a pay grade or two. We are serving for humanity. Get engage and be a part of this revolution.
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