What We Do

Bioniks is a name for the era of revolution in the field of healthcare where technology supports the cause in such an intuitive and simple way that the solutions produced are not only cost-effective but also highly trustable and understandable by the ones they are designed for.


What We Aim For

Bioniks aim to expand its horizon enough to cover the paradoxes of the field of healthcare such that there is no problem whose solution is not available through technology.



Being a social enterprise, we aim to revolutionize the healthcare segment either by providing new solutions or making existing ones more feasible.



Our solutions are based on advanced technologies hence cost very low as compared to others and are provided free of cost to the underprivileged.

Research icon

R & D

Recently, we have launched a whole new category of advanced prosthetics which are based on intelligent programs. We are also working on surgical planning tools and models.