How does a bionik prosthetic arm work?

A bionik arm is a prosthesis powered by sensors fitted inside a prosthesis that can read mind signals when the prosthesis is worn. These sensors convert those signals into intuitive bionik movements of your prosthesis.

Why are prosthetics so expensive?

Bionik Arm is ten times cheaper than the average myoelectric arm, costs can still put a strain on the family. Here at Bioniks Technologies, it’s our mission to make Bionik arms accessible to individuals with limb differences around the world. If you need support to fund for a Bionik Arm, register your interest and we will put you in touch with our beneficiaries care to ensure you have the support you need to fund for a Bionik Arm.

What is the Bionik Arm?

The Bionik Arm is powered by bionic technology. We first launched the Bionik Arm in 2016, following years of R&D to combine advanced technology with affordable pricing and empowering aesthetics. Since launch we have continued improving the reliability and performance of the product, and in 2020 we announced the new version of Bionik Arm Zindagi 2.0. This version is available immediately and includes a wave of improvements.

How much does the Bionik Arm cost?

The Bionik Arm’s cost depends on level of amputation, model of bionic arm and depending on which warranty package you choose.

I’m in the process of getting my Bionik Arm. Will I get the new version?

Thanks for choosing the Bionik Arm! Yes, you will receive the new version of the Bionik Arm.

I want to get a Bionik Arm, what are the steps?

That’s great news! The first step is for you to register interest through our website or contact us through our contact number. If you meet the requirements (below/above elbow limb difference) we will get in touch with. You will attend your initial consultation to find out about more about the Bionik Arm and assess suitability. You can only purchase a Bionik Arm through Bioniks Technologies.

How does the Bionik Arm work?

The Bionik Arm detect tiny signals, allowing them to activate grip with precise, proportional control.

How do I get a Bionik Arm for my child, relative, or friend?

By registering their details through our website or contact number, if they meet our requirements (below/above elbow limb difference) we will get in touch with you. Bioniks will next attend their initial consultation to find out about more about the Bionik Arm and assess suitability.

I want to purchase a Bionik Arm through your website, how do I do this?

You can only purchase a Bionik Arm through Bioniks Technologies. Bionik Arm customers can purchase customizable bionik arm by getting in touch with our team to find out the latest designs.

I’m a researcher. How do I purchase a Bionik Arm?

We usually only create Bionik Arm’s for limb-different people who require the medical device. If you are keen to find out more please contact us.

Can the Bionik Arm be used by people with limb differences which are above-elbow or have a partial hand, e.g., fingers and thumb?

Yes, we can fit the Bionik Arm to people with above-elbow amputations or limb differences. We can also provide Bionik Arms to those with partial hands but please be aware that the residual limb would have to fit within a socket comfortably so it may not be suitable for all. In order to find out if you are eligible please speak to us.

Can you fit Bionik Arm to toddlers?

Yes, we can fit the Bionik Arm to children over the age of 3 years old.

I’m not Pakistan based, how can I get a Bionik Arm?

The Bionik Arm is available in the Pakistan, with more regional launches planned. Register your interest to be the first to get one.

Is the Bionik Arm waterproof?

The Bionik Arm is splash proof but we will launch first ever waterproof Bionik arm soon.

Can I apply for a job, internship or work placement at Bioniks Technologies?

Keep an eye on our careers page.

Can I test your next product?

We’ll put a call-out through our social media channels and email newsletter when we’re looking for volunteer users. If you’d like to help us develop new technologies please make sure you follow us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.

Can I invest in Bioniks Technologies?

We’re always looking for investors that want to help build a tech-for-good company. Get in touch.

What do I need to study to pursue a career in Robotics?

Our growing team comprises of a wide range of skill sets – mechanical engineers, software engineers, electronics engineers, product designers etc. In terms of research degrees, many of our engineers studied engineering or robotics at university.

Can you help with a school project?

We’d love to help out with your project but unfortunately our capacity is very limited as we are focused on development for existing and future assistive devices. We wish you the best of luck but can contribute our time right now!

Can you give a presentation at our event?

Maybe, our product development takes priority so don’t be offended if we say no.

We are shooting a documentary, would you like to be involved?

We are always interested to hear about documentary opportunities.

Can you make a prosthetic leg for my dog/cat?

No, we’re investing all of our energy into developing bionik limbs for humans.

Can you make me a prosthetic leg, exoskeleton, partial hand?

We are currently working really hard to solve problems for below/above-elbow amputees. We are researching and developing more assistive devices and focusing on prosthetic leg, exoskeleton and partial hand.

Can I make a hand/be a developer?

Due to the high level of regulatory requirements and quality necessary to manufacture a compliant medical device, particularly one as complex as the Bionik Arm, we are unable to sanction the manufacture of Bionik Arms outside of our regulated production facility. Our focus is to improve the efficiency and quality of our production facility so I’m afraid we aren’t going to be looking to work with anyone else to manufacture our products.

Why can’t I be fitted with a prosthesis shortly after the amputation?

After the operation, the residual limb is still swollen and the skin is sensitive. The wound also needs time to heal properly. Ensure that all required therapeutic measures are completed before the prosthetic fitting process begins.

Will I be able to drive a car with the prosthesis?

Please contact the applicable authorities in regards to this question. The ability to drive following an amputation is assessed differently from one country to the next. In many cases, our beneficiaries driving cars with an automatic/manual transmission and riding bikes.

Can I return to work with my prosthesis?

Depending on your occupation, you can return to work with your prosthesis. If your work involves extreme physical strain, you should let your prosthetist know before the prosthesis is fabricated since the type of stress affects the characteristics of the socket and the selection of components.

When will I need a new prosthesis?

Once again, there is no standard answer to this question. If the socket of your prosthesis fits well over the long term and no difficulties arise, you do not need a new prosthesis.