Frequently Asked Questions

1Do I have to go through with a surgery?

No, absolutely not.

But you have to go through with x-ray and measurement tests. Also, your physician ultimately determines when you are ready to proceed with a prosthesis.

2How long does it take for a prosthesis to be fabricated?

Because Bioniks believes to go with research work that can be completed quickly and sometimes take time of months, in order to ensure that patients are comfortable. We usually say that it takes four weeks until the final prosthesis is delivered to the patient.

3Will it hurt to work with prosthetic?


A good fitting prosthesic should not hurt. That’s why Bioniks ensure to take perfect measurements While there are some amputees that have unique conditions where they experience chronic pain.

4Do I have a skin printed hand?

Bioniks is promoting the culture of 3D printed robotic hands, so that amputee will feel different and proud of their disability. We want to introduce a new era of development that will let them promote their disability as their strength.

5Where are you located and where we can find Bioniks?
Bioniks is located at NED University of Engineering & Technology and you can get in touch by calling us at +92-333-0600783.
6Is there any requirement to fulfill before coming?
You need to call and ask for an appointment first. So that our team will be prepared to meet you for measurements and gives you a proper time. Plus, you have to bring your X-ray reports along.