Success Stories

Abu Bakar

The streets of Lahore once echoed with the laughter and exuberance of a spirited 11-year-old, Abu Bakar. A beacon of vivacity, his days were filled with the playful energy that defines childhood, his life a vibrant tapestry woven with friendships, exploration, and the boundless curiosity that only a child's heart can harbor.


Muaz Zahid was a name that resonated with the vibrant artistry of Lahore, Punjab. His life was a symphony of creativity, gracing stages with his guitar performances and leaving a mark on the iconic Nescafe Basement Pakistan. Muaz crafted a tapestry of artistry and music that pulsed vibrantly with the rhythm of the city. His passion for the guitar transcended a mere profession—it was the essence of his being, with every strum painting a portrait of creativity and passion.

Emaan Fatima

I was born without a hand, and I faced many difficulties in my daily life. People used to look at me strangely wherever I went. When I went out to play, other kids would avoid me, and I felt very lonely at school too. Each day was a struggle, filled with moments where I felt different and excluded. After facing many challenges, I learned about Bioniks, a company that makes prosthetic arms. The day I received my new arm from them was a turning point in my life. Because of Bioniks, I now feel capable and complete.