Dr Erij

It takes resilience to pave your own path over the one life has chosen for you. Dr Erij is a live living example to these quotes. Suffering from congenital hand deformities by birth, her left hand is not very functional below wrist and fingers not completely formed. However, instead of letting this put down her spirits, she sought out the highest level of professional studies and completed her MBBS last year.
She says that she sought out prosthetic hand solutions in the past and got help in the form a silicon grip however it did not help her with gaining any sort of finger functionality. Recommended by a fellow doctor, she contacted Bioniks in order to help her with a better and advanced solution.

Bioniks, with its mission to rid this world of disabilities, collaborated with BarkatFoundation, SID and AkhuwatFoundation one more time to help her out with a prosthetic hand. A highly customized, rose gold colored, brain-controlled prosthetic hand was designed for her. The arm has detailed operability and functionality for the fingers and wrist movement.

According to Erij, she is thoroughly satisfied with the her customized arm and is determined to learn and train it according to her daily routine. In her own word, “It’s been only a day, and I have started trying out so many things. It is thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Bioniks for this new life!”

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