Sajjad Naeem

From a heart-wrenching tragedy to blissful acceptance, this is Sajjad's journey for a prosthetic arm.

Sajjad Naeem, a responsible husband and father of three, lives in a small town in Punjab where he earned his living as a laborer. Life was normal up until one day, while setting up promotional banners, he was struck by 11000V HV cable nearby. Although he saved 11 of his coworkers by warning and pushing them out of the way, Sajjad was badly hurt and was rushed to the hospital because of severe injuries suffered to his face, shoulders, back and both arms. Thankfully, Sajjad survived. However his right arm completely lost function whereas, his left arm had to be amputated because of the severe burns suffered.

The school his children go to is also run by a funded organization. When they got to know of the case, they connect Sajjad’s family to Akhuwat Foundation. Akhuwat foundation, in turn, linked them to Bioniks and funded their travel and stay expenditures to Karachi. Bioniks sponsored an extremely advanced and high customized prosthetic arm for Sajjad that is sensor-based, brain-controlled and embedded with artificial intelligence.

Sajjad’s family was blissful and everyone was teary-eyed upon seeing him try out the new arm. His wife told us, “After the accident, I took upon all the responsibilities of the house and had to stay out for hours while Sajjad waited for hours at end for basic needs like drinking water until her return. But now, this prosthetic enables him to do all that without anyone’s help. Each day he’s learning more and more he can achieve with the arm and surprising us with his progress.”

Even after being struck by such a heart-wrenching tragedy and living through more than his fair share of hardships, Sajjad is always smiling, full of life and urging people towards happiness – something that shows that a hero awaits to shine in all!

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