Project Hassan

An enthralling story of a young man who travelled 1,120km to receive the arm of his dreams.

Hassan is a 15 year old boy who was struck by the tragedy of a lifetime when both of his limbs were amputated after electrocution from an open-live wire while playing on his rooftop. Hassan was stripped of the basic necessity of his two arms and relied on non-functional, heavy weight prosthetic arms for around 5 years.  Those were controlled by wires and a harness and required a certain way of shoulder movement to be controlled.

Hassan says he used to feel uncomfortable when people stared at him due to his amputation. Each of his arm weighed around 1.5kgs making him carry a weight of about 3 kgs in total all day around. Just recently, his sister read the story of Rashid Zubairi and how Bioniks changed his life for the better. Hassan got in touch with Bioniks and regarding the need of a similar prosthetic arm which would be light weight and entirely brain-controlled.

Going by its aim to leave no disability disregarded, Bioniks started collecting funds for Hassan’s arm and soon, with the help of IOBM students, were able to gather up the amount. The arm is sleek in design and black-colored that goes with Bioniks statement of making sure that no person feels ashamed of his/her disability rather show it with confidence.

Hassan travelled 1,120km all the way from Rawalpindi to Karachi in order to receive it. To put it in his own words, “It feels so different and so much better from my old prosthetic arm. Thank you, Bioniks!”

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