Project Saqib

Saqib is now able to accomplish things just like others.

Saqib’s family’s joy at their son’s birth were short-lived and all too very soon marred, when they heard that Saqib was born a congenital amputee. The ultimate question arose in their minds almost immediately; how would their child play or live life like others of his age?

Adnan Baig, Saqib’s sibling, talked to us about how they struggled to find the right treatment (a prosthetic arm) for Saqib. They went from place to place but no treatment available seemed to fit their particular need. This is when they came across the documentaries of Mustafa and Mir Bayan and saw how Bioniks brought the substantial change in their lives.

They trusted Bioniks to design Saqib’s missing limbs with the pinpoint detail to fulfil his precise needs. Now, Saqib can play, go to school and enjoy life while growing up just like other kids. All thanks to the treatment they found for Saqib through Bioniks.

Saqib 3D printed hand

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