Project Mustafa

Now, Mustafa can do everything that other kids of his age can. Thanks to Bioniks.

It all started when at the time of the birth of Mustafa when his parents came to know that their child is born without an arm. They were worried and stressed about Mustafa will will cope in this world with a disability so intricate.

Mustafa father realized that this impairment had to be treated at the earliest. Unfortunately, the people in Pakistan are unaware of the technological advancements that can deliver a result to these disabilities. However, he was hell-bent to find a solution to his son’s impairment.

Bioniks, at this point came up as the answer to his prayers. They understood the pain and the suffering of Mustafa and he lacks behind in certain tasks due to this amputation. Bioniks team worked closely with Mustafa to deliver the most advanced prosthetic arm for him. A 3D printed prosthetic hand was specially designed for Mustafa that fit all his needs like a glove. Mustafa's father says, "The happiness on Mustafa's face when he could lift up a glass of water using both his hands was something we've never seen before."

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