The company

The core value of our Company

The Way Forward

Bioniks is a diverse field in coming future for disable persons and can bring another revolution in the field of prosthetic and artificial limbs by offering 3D printed body organs.


Our aim for coming years is to get in some more research work and design prosthetics for those disabilities which has never been facilitated in Pakistan before.

In short, we are looking forward to expand our operations and market from prosthetic hands to other organs as well, like to cater some dental issues, prosthetic legs, arms & fingers.

But these expectations will basically be depending on how people respond and support us on crowdfunding.


”Seeks to empower our clients by Additive manufacturing.”


The cost of normal prosthetic in Pakistan is high as the cost of living is too high. But, Bioniks is charging around half of the traditional prosthetic available in the market. We are cutting our profits down at certain level in order to facilitate needy and helpless people.