The Company

Bioniks, initiated by an entity giving hope to the up-coming era of development through 3d printing, aims to provide low cost solutions in order to facilitate humanity in every field of life. It is a symbol of hope for the individuals with disabilities- it is giving them a helping hand in the form of prosthetic arms. Bioniks is serving and based in Karachi, Pakistan, but sky is the limit.

bioniks office

The Way Forward

Bioniks can bring massive revolutions in the field of prosthetic and artificial limbs by offering 3D printed body organs.


Our core aim is to get is to design prosthetics for those disabilities which could have never been facilitated in Pakistan before.

We are looking forward to expand our operations and market from prosthetic hands to other organs as well. We would be honoured in catering other forms of prosthetics aswell.
These expectations are dependent upon the response from people.




Considering the growing population and a reduction in the standard of living of our people in Pakistan.

Bioniks is charging half the price of a traditional prosthetic available abroad. Bioniks is cutting down on its profits to facilitate needy people.


Research and Development


Bioniks is walking extra miles to improve the quality of life for our patients.

Currently, we are functioning onto the robotics based prosthetics, with a sole motive to change the world. Bioniks have an ideology for the amputees to not to hide their amputation but to go on with confidence. In accordance, Bioniks will launch it's range of robotics prosthetics soon. Considering, an easier use for the patients to perform most of their daily routine tasks without any trouble.


symbol of hope

Symbol of Hope

Bioniks is looking forward to aspire disabled people by offering them some best experiences with their disabilities. We at Bioniks, looking ahead to use this technology in better way to facilitate all disable persons around world.

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Success Stories

Collaboration Partners

These are the people that collaborate with us to provide the best possible solutions for you.

zingohub partner

ZingoHub is a community sharing network which supports Bioniks in crowd funding campaigns

zingohub partner

Bioniks is working with RPK to work on Animal prosthetic; a new dimension of development

Bioniks has collaborated with Dr.Barbara to build a technology sharing platform between Pakistan and Poland.