When it comes to serving the country and aiding humanity, Bioniks wishes to leave no stone unturned. Bioniks was invited by Gitex and sponsored by Department of Health Abu Dhabi to Gitex Future Stars 2018 as one of the most innovational and promising startups in Pakistan serving humanity through new-age, advanced prosthetics. Gitex is one

Rashid Zubairis Story

A high-spirited man with an exceptional story. Take a close look as to how Bioniks prosthetics play a vital role in the lives of people belonging to different walks of life.
Mustafa 3D printed hand

Project Mustafa

Mustafa - a kid full of life and light- with just a tiny hindrance causing him to fall back a little in his day to day activities; a missing arm.
Bayan 3d printed hand 3d printing

Mir Baayan Baloach

Mir Bayyan Baloach - a superhero in his own accord - lacked only an arm in order to reach for the skies.
Saqib 3d printed hand

Saqib’s Story

Saqib's family searched for the perfect solution to enable saqib live life just like others of his age. They received it in the form of 3D printed prosthetics.