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Providing the Most Advanced Solutions in the Field of Healthcare

Bioniks strives to facilitate humanity in every field of life. It is a symbol of hope for the individuals with disabilities - giving them a helping hand in the form of prosthetics.

We have further expanded our operations and are now providing solutions such as pre-surgical models and planning tools. Doctors can now diagnose more intuitively using models created using actual patient scans.

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prosthetic hand

Hand And Arm Prosthesis

We provide prosthetic hand and arm for people with such amputations. The solutions provided are made by keeping your precise needs in mind.

animal prosthetic

Prosthesis for Animals

Bioniks is working in collaboration with RPK to provide prosthesis services for animals. Now you can get the best possible care for your pets.

surgical models

Models For Surgical Planning

Bioniks is offering services to provide personalized 3D printed models drived from scans that can be used for surgical planning or medical case studies.

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3D yazıcılar ile hayat güzelleştirme görevini Pakistan’da yerine getiren Bioniks, bu sefer bir çocuğa yaptığı Iron-Man protez kol ile gündeme geldi.

Who knew 3-D printing could go as far as to help patients live better? Right then Pakistani entrepreneurs Anas Niaz and Ovais Qureshi cofounded Bioniks.

Medical science is seeing a significant boost from 3D printing. New startups in the 3D manufacturing realm are creating better prosthetics than traditional methods.